Sunday, 15 January 2012

Feedback on EXOdesk after CES 2012

ViewSonic and EXOPC partnered to showcase EXOdesk during CES 2012.


Huffington Post - Coolest gadget at CES 2012

"The EXOdesk by EXOPC is one of those new devices that even an impartial tech journalist can't help but be excited about" - Jason Gilbert
EXODesk By EXOPC: Coolest Gadget At CES 2012? (VIDEO)
The Best Of CES 2012: 9 New Products That Made Us Say Wow

PCMAG - Best gadget of CES 2012

"It's Minority Report meets Fisher-Price"

Best Products of CES 2012


"The EXOdesk should be a good fit for all those people who have embraced tablets and other touch-screen devices. It's a natural evolution to blow the concept up to giant size and park it with your desktop" - Amanda Kooser

EXOdesk spreads its 36-inch touch-screen wings


"EXOPC EXOdesk basically brings forth an unbelievable 40-inch touchscreen experience at the user’s fingertips." - Dakshina Thakur

EXOPC EXOdesk finally makes a debut at CES 2012


"In our short time with the desk, we were actually pretty impressed with its responsiveness and intuitiveness" - Terrence O'Brien

EXOdesk hands-on (video)
ViewSonic EXOdesk announced, puts Surface on notice

Best of CES 2012: EXOdesk by EXOPC

The Verge

"It definitely does its job" - Sam Sheffer

ExoPC EXOdesk hands-on pictures and video


Hot Hardware Video: ViewSonic and EXOPC Demo 32Inch EXOdesk at CES 2012

ViewSonic official press release: ViewSonic Unveils Desktop of the Future With New 32" Touchscreen Work Surface at CES 2012

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