Friday, 21 February 2014

Quick overview of EXO UI version 3

EXO U v3 is a powerful and flexible framework that enables you to deliver applications which provide delightful, engaging and intuitive experiences coupled with highly collaborative end user benefits. Beautiful rich applications run quickly and smoothly.

Deliver applications for any operating system and form factor, whether mouse and keyboard or touch screen devices. Applications automatically and intelligently select the optimal network selection making apps productive and easy to use for end users. Let EXO U take care of the hardware and OS challenges, and other networking and data complexities, while you focus on engaging apps for your end users whatever device they choose to bring.
Those qualities makes it a natural choice for BYOD.

Log in screen

Users will be prompted to login which could be via password or PIN code. Administrators or developers will choose the policy including password expiry or ability to cache passwords for easy access.

  • Policies are defined from the admin panel

  • Offline login is supported based on policies

  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) can greatly simplify the log in experience if the user has multiple devices.

Intuitive Home Screen

The home screens provides access to apps and settings.

  • Apps accessible offline and online

  • Consistent UI across multiple devices, OS’s and form factors

  • Rich set of UI objects and icons and templates provided to speed development

  • Extremely fast and latency free GUI to keep user focused and productive

Sharing made simple

Let users select who they want to share with and what they would like to share. Any app, any file, any user, any time.
The user can choose devices, people or groups, then can share the document opened with the current active app.

  • An app will open remotely with the exact same document, and enable live sharing

  • A book will open remotely at the same page number

  • The browser will open remotely with the same link

Powerful applications framework

EXO UI is a multi-tasking application runtime built on top of EXO engine, which connects things to things and provides deep access to hardware and native OS APIs

The UI covers many aspects of the overall user experience including:

  • Account, authentication and credentials

  • Devices and hardware

  • Apps runtime, UX and deployment platform

  • Networking and connectiity, including peer to peer and mesh networking

  • Distributed data

  • Access to the web and to private infrastructures via conenctors

Apps Store

The user can add apps from the private application store provided by his company or his school.
  • Stores are privates and managed from the admin panel.

  • Apps can be restricted to groups of users, groups of devices

  • One click download and install

Apps, apps, apps

EXO apps are easy and exciting to build and to use.
  • Consistent across OSs.

  • One click create, One click publish, One click download

Best of both worlds

The ideal architecture is offline apps with access to live content.

  • No latency, no dependency on the connectivity to be productive

  • Access to 100% of the online resources when connected

  • Custom connectors can be added to the server to add access to secure data


Books provides access to textual information and take benefit of EXO UI:

  • Page number synchronized among all user's devices

  • A teacher can push a book at a specific page number to his students

Web browser

The web browser provides collaborative features adapted for corporate use as well as for use in the classroom.

  • A web page can be shared with colleages or students

  • Web access can be white listed or black listed

  • Allows restricted navigation, a teacher can push a specific website and keep students in that website.

Asynchronous collaboration

Asynchronous functionnalities and offline mode allows people to keep being productive in any situation, with consistent snappy navigation through apps and documents.
  • Users can add or edit documents when offline.

  • Data is synchronized with the server

  • Documents can be shared between devices, users and groups.

Media and devices

EXO UI run on multiple OSs and maintain connectivity between the user's devices, so a basic media player app will allow the user to:

  • Browse local storage of any device from any device

  • Start remotely playback of video, music and slideshow, for example using a phone to start a movie on the TV

Building apps with App Factory

It has never been so easy to create and publish apps across multiple OS.

  • Build once, deploy to many

  • Test on multiple devices

  • Publish in a snap

  • Quick results with responsive templates

Better access to information, optimizes bandwidth use

With data synchronisation, the information increase accessibility to the information, while drastically optimize bandwidth usage.
The following app is a complete database about 267 countries.

  • No lost of productivity with loading time

  • Information accessible without connectivity

  • The data is updated once per year


EXO UI enforce security.

  • Sandoxed multi-ring private clouds

  • Enable two Factor Authentication

  • Wide range of encryption protocols

Notifications and log

The user keep a track of what happen on his devices

  • When an app is installed, uninstalled

  • When the context change, for example when exiting from a security zone

  • When an app need to alert the user

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