Friday, 7 August 2015

Classroom Browser: A safe and seamless, teacher driven browsing experience

This free web browser is dedicated to the classroom to enable a safe and seamless, teacher driven browsing session. For more information: Classroom Browser official site.


You will find instructions for the installation of Classroom Browser here:
Getting Started with Classroom Browser.


1. Download the app from here: Classroom Browser for Teacher
2. Run the software, type a group name for your classroom and choose Create Group.


1. Download the student app here: Classroom Browser for Student
2. Run the software, type the teacher's group name then choose Join Group.


1. The teacher browse the web, and share a link (the flag in the title bar)
2. The student touch "Follow" to open the shared link (the flag in the title bar)


The browsing experience is safe and efficient: the student can navigate in the areas shared by the teacher, but cannot go elsewhere.

Don't break the teaching and learning flow

As sharing a link is done with a single touch, the teaching and learning experience are not broken. The flow is not broken with the famous "Now enter this URL in your browser" and the amount of content shared is incredibly increased. The student attention is maintained with the flow of content.

BYOD ready

Classroom Browser is available for Android, but also for Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome - BYOD ready.

Ready to use

The app includes a large selection of resources ready to share, that will run seamless on any devices:

- Reference, resources and libraries
- Lesson plans and other pedagogical content
- Votes, pools, assignments
- Social networking, blogging, wikis
- Games, simulations and activities

You will find here an interesting post to go further: A day with Classroom Browser.

For more resources: Websites ready to share to classroom

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