Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ormiboard V2 covers teacher needs for BYOD classroom

Ormiboard V2 brings all the tools requested by teachers to run a classroom and drive students to success, without being unfocused by the technology.

Ormiboard is ideal for any classroom with a least a whiteboard. A classroom without a whiteboard but with devices for every student is also a good candidate. 

Here is a video presentation of the main features:

The web app demo built with this.

Classes, groups, students

  • Start a Live Class with one click - students can join with a PIN (first time) then a click.
  • Push lessons to a class, a group or a student.
  • Assign lessons to a class or a group.
  • View live student’s activity.
  • View student’s attendance, progress and results.
  • Follow mode, to replicate teacher navigation on student’s devices
  • Eyes-up, to help students to focus on the teacher when Ormiboard is not being used.

Lessons Editor

As teachers don’t have time to invest on new software, the lesson editor is focused on a minimum learning curve and a maximum efficiency.

  • Library with clipart, images, sounds, videos and articles, with capability to connect more sources.
  • Hand draw, text, shapes, images with multiple attributes.
  • Group to move or align elements
  • Animate elements
  • Add actions to elements: web link, play audio, zoom an image, go to a slide, etc.
  • Quiz and response system: any element can be flagged as a possible response and the response can be tracked by the teacher.

Here is a presentation of the editor:

Ormiboard V2 can run on almost any device equiped with a modern browser:

  • Whiteboard, TV, touch panel, projector (including WebOS and Tizen)
  • Touch table (special UI for that purpose)
  • Desktop and laptops (Chrome, Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Tablets (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Phones (iOS, Android)

You can test Ormiboard V1 here:

Ormiboard V2 BETA cam be tested here:

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