Friday, 9 December 2011


EXOPC is working actively to get EXOtables released soon by reliable hardware manufacturers.

All EXOtables are running EXO UI physics with HTML5 application store. The UI is optimized for large touch panels.

EXOtable for living room

The EXOtables for living room can be used to choose a movie and watch it on the TV, have a quick access to your tweets, view and organize pictures and videos from your camera, play a board game with your family.

EXOtable for living room is based on EXO UI physics, and will support all applications created for EXOdesk.
The EXOtable for living room is build on a 32 inches led display and projected capacitive touch panel with 10 points of touch.

Productivity EXOtable

EXO UI physics allow quick implementation of complex processes to be executed in high productivity mode, where gestural is key to save time on repetitive tasks.

The productivity table is based on a 42 inches led display and infrared touch panel with 32 points of touch. The surface of the table can be oriented.

Generic HTML5 EXOtable

The generic EXOtable is an affordable, basic surface computer that can be used for many purposes, alone on in small group of users.

The generic EXOtable is build around a 42 or 55 inches display and an infrared touch layer with 32 points of touch.

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