Friday, 9 December 2011

EXO UI physics

EXO UI physics is a natural way to interact with digital content and applications on large touch displays.

EXO UI physics is based on EXOengine and run HTML5 applications.
EXO UI physics is a skin of the standard EXO UI.

For better interaction with no learning curve, physics behavior are respected (and will be progressively more realistic).

EXO UI physics start point is a round icon floating on the table. When the user click on the icon, other icons are made visible and accessible.

EXO UI physics requires a screen size of 32 inches with full HD resolution (1920x1080), and 10 points of touch.

EXO UI physics supports standard EXOstore, with an access to the applications designed for EXO UI physics, including multiple display applications (playing piano on the EXOdesk while the partition is visible on the main computer screen)

The general behavior of the UI is compatible with the use of a traditional keyboard and mouse on the display area. Virtual keyboards and pointing devices are supported but many wish to continue to use their traditional input devices.

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