Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EXO UI, EXOdesk and EXOtables

EXO UI is built on EXOengine, a small and optimized runtime acting as a local web server for HTM5. EXO UI can run on many different form factors.

EXOengine is designed to be cross-platform.
EXOengine for Android and for OS-X are in development stage.

Supporting various form factors involves fine tuning of the UI.
EXO UI standard is optimized for touch screens from 9 to 27 inches, and for mouse input in floating mode. EXO UI physics is optimized for 32 inches touch panels or larger.

  EXO UI is optimized for touch and for mobility.

When in productivity mode, EXO UI is optimized for mouse use on a regular desktop PC, with high interaction with other apps, for example to do inter-application drag and drop. The behavior is a floating window with one click access to EXO UI, applications and content.

 EXO UI supports remote controls and runs nicely on an HDTV.

In the classroom, EXO UI can run on an interactive board. The teacher can control it from a laptop or a tablet PC.

EXOdesk is presented here with a virtual book, photos, audio control, EXOfiles, and a virtual keyboard.

Here is the full presentation:

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