Friday, 23 December 2011

EXOPC HD classroom

The EXOPC HD classroom is the ultimate solution to bring a new dynamic in the educational process, capable of attracting students and supporting today's challenges.

Imagination and experimentation brings motivation and results

EXOPC is involved in building and deploying global educational solutions using our software platform and various devices such as interactive boards and tablets.

The teacher controls the interactive board using an user friendly interface

Our HTML5, cross-OS EXOstore and user interface allows complex educational scenario with  no technical constraints. A wide variety of devices are available to support the solution.

 Students can have a tablet to interact during the courses

The HD classroom naturally emerged from the need to increase the size of the touch screens without reducing the user's field of view. When switched off, the HD classroom looks exactly as a regular classroom.

 EXOPC HD classroom catches student's attention

Both hardware and software are available today and the first HD classroom pilots will start in the next few months.

The hardware is based on the EXOdesk and EXOtables

Software involved are EXO UI 2.0 and EXO UI Physics.

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