Thursday, 8 December 2011


EXOdesk is a desk with a 40 inches touch panel to assist the user in productivity mode or provide innovative applications.

The following artist view shows the EXOdesk with a standard monitor.

Two models are planned, one without CPU to be connected to an existing desktop PC, and one with a full computer to be connected to your laptop or desktop computer.

The prototype is built with a standard table and connected to a desktop computer as an external monitor. The Intel i7 CPU and the GMA acceleration card provides smooth animations in productivity mode (while using productivity applications on the main displays).

Applications for EXOdesk do not act as traditional applications. They must act as assistants or as input devices.
The large screen, close to the user's eyes, requires smooth and slow animations and transitions.

EXOdesk is compatible Windows 7 and 8.

EXOdesk supports EXOstore, allowing developers to publish HTML5 applications dedicated to EXOdesk and end users to download them.

Partial list of planned applications:
  • News reader, information and market watch
  • Timeline and alert system
  • Reference and contextual help
  • Contextual services
  • Weather
  • Calculator and converter
  • Clock, alarm
  • Calendar
  • Shortcuts, virtual keyboards and pointing devices
  • Media player (playback can be done on the EXOdesk or other display or computer)
  • Musical instruments
  • Board games
  • Educational applications
Videos of EXOdesk in action:

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ViewSonic is building a 32 inches EXOdesk for a technology showcase at CES 2012. The EXOdesk is not a standard 40 inches due to limited access to 40 inches capacitive touch panel.