Saturday, 22 February 2014

BYOD in the classroom

BYOD in the classroom - Realistically

A teacher in a classroom with 35 students using different devices and operating systems.

When teacher support a student unable to download an app, as an IT would do, what will do the 34 other students with full access to apps and Internet on their own devices?

To solve this, EXO UI is a space each student can install on his own device, to be all-together in an area dedicated to assist the teaching and the learning processes, whatever is the curriculum, the methodology, and the technology involved.

Home pages

Students and teacher can customize their home pages and choose the apps they want from the dedicated store.


Students and teachers don't see the same apps in the store.

  • Teachers have access to teacher only apps and content

  • Apps and content can be filterer to match the curriculum

Apps, books, links, documents

EXO UI make it easy to distribute and share multiple formats.

  • Apps, working offline and providing the best possible user experience, can be generic (as a calendar) or specific to an activity or a topic (as a Seismograph).

  • Books and audio books, working offline, optimized for linear navigation

  • Links, to integrate cloud solutions and web resources in the classroom experience, when connectivity allows it

  • Documents, with apps dedicated to read, edit, anotate and share them.

Managing the classroom

Things have to be easy, simple and logical in a classroom, this is why sharing is so easy with EXO UI.
The sharing button is available continuously. When pressed, the teacher select some or all students, then confirm.
The current app, with its context (page or a book, document being viewed or edited...), will be pushed to the students within a second, even if the web connectivity is unavailable.

During the classroom, the students are expected to remain inside EXO UI, to participate to the activities or use the authorized tools.
When a student goes out of the UI, the teacher is alerted, and the event is logged.

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