Saturday, 22 February 2014

Apps Factory

Apps Factory allows creation of apps for EXO UI in JavaScript and HTML. Those apps are deployed easily with no consideration of the operating system.

The developer has access to +750 exciting new properties, methods and events directy from JavaScript.

Apps and tools for developers

You can download apps to assist you in the development and debug process from the EXO UI Apps Store in the Developers section.

Apps Factory

With Apps Factory you will create, test and publish your application.
The publication process is easy, and address all the targe OS in one single step.

Several templates are available with specific features implemented and ready to use:
  • Standard, foating or scrollable
  • ListView, enabling responsive design
  • Book
  • Web App, providing a secure sandoxed environment for online apps

From Apps Factory, you can:
  • Edit the JavaScipt and HTML code
  • Edit the app icon
  • Test your app on multiple devices
  • Publish to the store
  • Remove from the store


The log register the major events at the engine level to help developers track bugs.
Log is enabled when developer mode is enabled from the settings, Developers section.

Icon Factory

Create or update your app icon using Icon Factory
Depending on the template you are using, the colors of your icon will have an impact on the colors of the elements in your application.

UI Objects

Showcase different UI elements provided by the runtime framework.
The source code is accessible to help creating apps working across multiple OS's and form factors.

Code Share Box

Enter HTML or Javascript code, and view the result on your devices as well as on all the devices of your choice.
This tool is very useful in a multi-OS and form factor environment.

Font Viewer

Display characters and codes for the fonts and vector graphics installed with the runtime to allow consistancy across OS's.
You can directly copy codes to use those fonts and graphics in your apps.

Touch Log

Help you understand how multi-touch is exposed, including metrics as number of points, direction, speed, velocity, etc.


This app is usefull to explore sensors available on each device, as well as understanding how to deal with the sensors
The source code of some apps using sensors is available after downloading them, such as Seismograph.

Command Line

Cross-OS command line tool developer can use to get information from the runtime framework, as well as execute actions.

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  1. Sounds brilliant - exactly what's needed. I'd be interested in knowing what documentation and user support is available...