Wednesday, 22 February 2012

EXOfactory: Cross-OS HTML5 applications development kit

EXOfactory (former MioFactory) is a development kit allowing creation of cross-OS HTML5 applications with access to the device's hardware.


The EXOPC architecture is built around the HTML5 standard and EXOengine, aimed to provide the missing pieces to HTML5 for software developers.

EXOengine is a 400kb binary file available for Windows, Android, and MacOS.

EXO file format 

The EXO file is a container aimed to compress and store various files composing an HTML5 application. The EXO file is easy to send from a device to another, or to publish on an application store. 

Features exposed to HTML5 and JavaScript developers

  • Multi-touch (up to 256 points of touch) via standard JavaScript events
  • Multiple displays and multiple HTML instances
  • Interoperability layer with send and listen features supporting synchronous and asynchronous, cross-devices communication (peer to peer, folder synchronization)
  • Load from / save to local disk and removable storage (non-binary and non-scriptable files)
  • Digital ink with synchronous sharing capability
  • Hierarchical access rights at application level and HTML tag level (viewers, authors, editors)
  • Direct access to UDP, FTP, POP/SMTP, IMAP
  • Full RS232 support (including ODB-II, X10…) for in-vehicle computing, robotic, home automation, RFID, code bar readers, and access to other custom hardware
  • Light sensors, 3-Axis accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensor
  • Battery level and plug state
  • Bluetooth and WIFI, MAC addresses and advanced network information
  • Contextual information: current active application name and position, running tasks
  • Multiple input: global keyboard and mouse input stream, remote control, touch and pen
  • Clipboard (read and write)
  • Full support of cross-applications drag and drop (drop target for files and data)  
  • UI objects respecting physical rules and multiple input
The applications can run multiple form factors:
  • Desktop PC, laptop, ultrabooks
  • Tablets
  • All-in-one
  • EXOdesk and surface computers
  • TVs and interactive boards
  • In-vehicle computers

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