Saturday, 3 March 2012

EXOdesk UI Developer Preview

EXOdesk UI Developer Preview is aimed to help developers to create and test applications for the EXOdesk. 
Later this month, the publication tool will be made available to allow the participants of the EXOdesk Development Challenge to submit their applications.

EXOdesk UI is built on the HTML5 apps runtime EXOengine. An application can be built either with HTML tags or with HTML5 canvas. In all situations, hardware acceleration is enabled.

The debug mode shows the collision color map for each application and some of the metrics provided for up to 256 point of touch: pressure, angles, distances.

Independent access to pressure, speed and angle of movement for up to 256 simultaneous points of touch, enabling advanced behaviors and collaborative applications.

Custom HTML5 keyboards and virtual input devices are easy to create with access from JavaScript to functions enabling keyboard and mouse emulations.

The full title and position of the active application is accessible,
enabling contextual customization of the application behavior.

Instant testing: Edit the HTML5 code source and resource files of your application, then click on EXOdesk Dev to test it. 

The main group of functions available from JavaScript are:
  • provides an access to the current object properties
  • exo.array provides useful functions to manipulate standard JavaScript arrays.
  • exo.monitors provides an access to all the monitors connected to the current device
  • exo.collisionMap provides functions to manipulate the appearance or your application in the collision map, used to detect when the user or an object touch the application.
  • exo.mouse provides an access to the mouse position in all the screens
  • exo.touch provides an access to up to 256 points of touch with pressure sensitive (depending on hardware).

To edit your application, open the folder My Document/My Apps/EXODEV/EXOdeskDev/
In this folder, you can edit the file exomain.htm. You will find examples of code from the EXOdesk: open the debug mode, then select an example and press the red switch button.
When your application is ready, just click on the application name "EXOdesk Dev" on the EXOdesk debug mode to run it. The application will be reloaded each time you will click on the application name.

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